What is

The Careers Catalog Conference?

The world is ever changing at a fast rate with new advances in research, education and technology which creates a demand for new relevant updated information from the vast institutions on ground. The traditional jobs that existed during the earlier years may not still be present as new professions and organizational frame works are being created to match with the new trends.

We as The Secret Initiative in collaboration with the university agencies and professional training institutions in Uganda organize THE CAREERS CATALOG CONFERENCE once every year. This is a one day conference which is aimed at providing students with firsthand, relevant information about university courses, professional trainings and other issues that will help them to succeed in their professional lives/careers after they have left secondary school. Our very first conference, which was held on 15th June, 2019 at ISBAT University, was graced by students from King's College Budo, Gayaza High School, St. Mary's College Kisubi and St Joseph's Girls` School Nsambya.

One common challenge among numerous students is inadequate information concerning the current courses and future job placements the courses can lead them to. This leaves many of them out-competed after having taken courses they had little information about prior to their final examinations. The common trend is for a student to seat for an examination and once results are released resort to doing courses for the sake of getting a degree at the university.

We shall be having this as an annual event to answer the career questions regards future course aspirations and trainings the students can have to build their competences. These competences once natured early can give students an upper hand in this competitive world once they join the job market .This is also being a one-time opportunity for schools that don’t have the adequate finances or network to bring all these groups together.

The Careers Catalog Conference 2019


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