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Meet Ronald Ssebugenyi.

Ronald Ssebugenyi

Motivational / Inspirational / Keynote Speaker

About Ronald.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever happened." Margaret Mead.

Ssebugenyi Ronald is a passionate ideologist and a notable public speaker with a special mentorship from Chris Baldwin (PhD), the founder of the 10X public speaking courses. He has closely worked with the Makerere Gavel club, an affiliate of the Toast Masters International to assist fellow youths with public speaking skills.

His exceptional oratory has gained him several positions of leadership at different platforms such as:-

  • The Makerere Gavel club, where he currently serves as the vice president education.
  • The Trusted Friends Savings Club, a youth resource pooling initiative where he is a co-founder.

Ronald is very passionate about youth affairs and he without second thought believes that youths are undoubtedly pivotal in the general National development. Due his staunch conviction from the latter, he founded the Songe Youth Visionary, a platform that intends to extend leadership and financial literacy skills to the youths.

He is currently volunteering as a peer student trainer with the Makerere Gender Main Streaming Directorate where youths and the University Management have combined forces to eradicate sexual harassment and advocate for gender equality at all levels.