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Jonathan John Ojangole

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About Jonathan.

The idea of social entrepreneurship has always fascinated Jonathan John Ojangole from a very young age. From selling school magazines in senior 2 (grade 8) to creating and directing cultural films in senior 6 (grade 12), Jonathan wasted no time in using every opportunity to experientially learn about his interest by investing all the necessary time and energy.

As he continued to cultivate his interest in social entrepreneurship, his thirst for knowledge and desire to learn by intellectual curiosity prompted him to apply for the 2019 Yale Young Global Scholars(YYGS) Program in New Haven, Connecticut. Hailing from a humble background in Kampala, Uganda, this greatly treasured opportunity would soon become Jonathan's first learning experience in an international community. Jonathan successfully attended the YYGS Sustainable Development and Social Entrepreneurship Program. Through various case studies from all over the world, he was shown that the potential for meaningful community impact through entrepreneurship was huge in a multitude of sectors and can practically be scaled in different areas to make the world a better place. Indeed Jonathan returned to Kampala an enlightened fellow.

Jonathan graduated high school with AAB in Physics, Math, Economics his A-levels and a six month long vacation awaited him. He serendipitously met up with Bakka David who was greatly concerned about poor urban sanitation and the alarming rates of deforestation. On that day, David and Jonathan concluded that by distributing biomass briquettes as an alternative to lump charcoal, two birds could be hit with one stone since biomass briquettes are made from plant waste which is about 60% of Kampala's municipal waste. And thus, The BrickeT Energy Campaign was born after three months of interviews and prototypes with Jonathan as its Director of Operations, Human Resource and Audit.

The BrickeT Energy Campaign aims at creating community awareness about biomass briquettes as a more affordable, durable, sustainable and cleaner source of household energy than the more universally used lump charcoal. The campaign partners with about 30 affiliates who actively participate in social media campaigns via their statuses and offers a 10% commission to anybody who makes a sale. This is because biomass briquettes are difficult to find in Kampala so making them readily available to the community would consolidate social impact. The BrickeT Energy Campaign currently has access to over 200 households on a monthly basis with a long term goal of reducing deforestation rates by over 80% firstly in Kampala, then in cities all over Africa through its entrepreneurial model of operation. Jonathan is actively working to scale this operation on all possible fronts.

Jonathan is currently pursuing an online Machine Learning degree from Stanford Online. He is also an avid motivational and inspirational speaker with The Secret Initiative, focusing on helping people develop and prepare themselves for a successful future by helping them understand their PICS! - Passions, Interests, Causes and Skills.