Our Book

The Secret to Getting Government Sposorship on Merit.

During the course of my initiative it reached a point where from the interactions I made and enormous value my talks brought I decided to write a book that can reach a vast number of students within my country.

A book to pass on knowledge and experience in order to give a handout to inspire an underprivileged to discover their inbuilt strength and aspire for a brighter future .One that can be passed on from one school to another and channel student’s mindset to greater accomplishments than mine. This is sprouting new fruits and also serves as a tool of Corporate Social Responsibility for institutions willing to play a role in this amazing journey of youth empowerment.

This Book Can be Found in any of the Following Bookshops:-
  • Uganda Bookshop.
  • Mukono Bookshop on Colline House.
  • Sharmic Bookshop.
  • Angelina Bookshop-Masaka Branch.
  • Kampala New Tyms Bookshop in Old Taxi Park..
  • Rize and Shine Bookshop in Mukono at Bartar.
  • Jicca Stationeries at Wandegeya.